Staying motivated for my students


Day 22 – May 31

Continuing to prioritize my health. Up again at 5:00 and got all my steps in early.

Day 23 – June 1

The first time to ever break 12,000 steps and it feels great.

Day 24 – June 2

I thought that this morning it seemed a little easier getting up at 5:00. Proud to be still reaching my daily goals.

This week I reached the 21 day milestone and will be rewarding myself with a pedicure. I’m looking forward to some selfcare. I’m realizing that I can never be too busy to take care of myself first.

2 thoughts on “Staying motivated for my students

  1. I love that you track your progress daily and keep like a little note about each day. In the long term this progress and notes will be great to look back on to check your progress! Keep up the great work!

  2. I love your quote from Bryan Pearlman as it is so true that taking care of your health is very important. Personally taking care of yourself can go a long way mentally, physically and emotionally. This is awesome that you are able to keep track of your progress. You are doing amazing in your learning project. Way to go!

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