Summary of Learning

What an experience! Also, what was I thinking!! I can’t believe I stuck it out and was successful at completing my learning project! I decided on walking 10,000 steps a day because I wanted to improve my health and overall well-being.

When I started this journey I was not walking at all. The reality of this was actually really embarrassing. But, this left me no place to go but up.

Week 1

Shock and then more shock! Sore muscles and then MORE sore muscles. So apparently I am out of shape. My main focus this week was just walking everyday and changing my schedule to make that happen! There were many times in this week that I had wished that I picked a different project!

I found a video to watch that encouraged me to get my steps in even if the weather was not favorable. Also, using the Pedometer App to track my steps.

Week 2

I finally hit my stride a bit this week. I realized that to reduce my stress and get my steps in that I was going to need to get up at 5:00 am. Yup, you read it right 5:00 am. As much as I hated it, I loved it too. It felt great getting up and starting my day in a healthy way.

Internet resources used this week included:

  1. Tips for staying motivated
  2. Benefits for walking
  3. Transformative power of walking

Week 3

Struggling but gaining. Listening to struggling but gaining to keep me motivated this week. I learnt this week that it is so important to review my goals daily just to keep going.

Week 4

Focusing on this article this week: 4 science backed ways to motivate me. They were:

  1. Reward yourself
  2. Sign a commitment contract
  3. Rethink positive thinking
  4. Find your fitness tribe

It was difficult this week to stay motivated. I am finding it a real battle of the mind. So it was great to find online sources to help me overcome my struggles.

I am committed to rethinking positive thinking. And, to have an accountability partner.

Week 5

Focusing on why I am doing this learning project this week. I want to be a great example of wellness to my future students. Also, realizing that I need to take care of myself first.


Week 6

This weeks focus was watching a video to help me along the way continue my learning. This video was a great support solidifying the health benefits of walking.

Daily affirmations also supported my mental well-being so that I felt like actually completing the walking.

I used a step video this week to help change scenery and bring variation to my project. I enjoyed this video a lot because I accomplished the steps in a short amount of time.


No matter the project, one must choose to succeed everyday. It may seem daunting at times but there are a lot of supports on the internet that can help. I am proud of the time I committed to this project and the support I received accomplishing it. The results were amazing…who knows maybe jogging soon!

ATW: What does 😳 - Flushed Face Emoji mean?

Helping others helps me

How have I contributed to the learning of others?


Finally!! On May 24th it happened…I could finally help someone. I was able to help Julie figure out how to make the menu titles not be clickable in the menu bar. The awesome part of this was I just watched Katia’s lesson again on this so I could figure it out for my own blog. I was pretty happy to know what I was talking about and be able to assist a fellow classmate. AND….she thanked me.

I found Discord to be a bit overwhelming. I also thought it was difficult to jump in on conversations that were already happening. Glad I had the chance to help Julie.


I was a very reluctant twitter user. To be honest I was not happy at all to be using social media. I was proud of myself for not having any social media accounts. In the beginning of using Twitter I was very nervous about tweeting. I was not wanting to offend anyone and was nervous about the digital footprint that I was leaving. As time went on, I gained confidence and a voice for the causes that are important to me.

My favorite experience on Twitter just happened recently. Because of EDTC300, I gained a new friend Jennifer New. I asked her to be my partner for the cyber sleuthing activity. I gained a better understanding of her life and found out that we both had a love of learning. Both of us are mature students so I felt inspired to encourage her so I posted the following quote and tagged her in it.


This was her response:

This actually made me laugh out loud! I enjoyed the experience of tagging someone in a tweet that brought joy to them. I know that I encouraged her! I loved her hashtag #Perserverance!

I started getting the hang of Twitter. Instead of just retweeting and posting educational materials, I started my very first conversation! I posted what I though was an inspirational story about Henry Darby. Henry is a principal who took on a second job at Walmart to help meet the needs of some of his students. I challenged @kbhildebrandt, @JennNew2, @mssydneyhoffman, and @TaylorBlake05 what they would do to help their students. My post received a “like” from Katia so I felt like I was finally getting it right!


May 30th – Enjoyed reading and comment on Glejdis’ blog. I liked that someone else had a learning project related to fitness.


  •  Linnette Guderyan says:May 30, 2021 at 3:42 pmThanks for the encouraging post. As long as the trajectory is forward you will be successful. Listen to your body and rest when needed!

May 31st – Enjoyed reading Ericka’s learning project post about her Cricut. I encouraged her that someday I bet she would use this experience in her future classroom.


  •  Linnette Guderyan says:June 1, 2021 at 12:18 amHow creative! I bet you will use this in your future classroom. Well done.

June 1 – Gabby H shared a video regarding finger spelling in her blog post. I encouraged her to keep learning so that she could share with her future students.

Linnette Guderyan says:June 1, 2021 at 6:21 pm

Love the video you added! I look forward to seeing how you incorporate your learning project into your future classroom! Great job!

June 2 – Janet shared her thoughts regarding ethical decisions. Sometimes it is difficult being open and transparent so I encouraged her.

mrsguderyanJune 3, 2021 at 3:00 am

Thank you for sharing your own personal thoughts. I agree that students need to be taught how to make good ethical decisions.

June 3 – Andrew shared is growth in the area of cooking. I wanted to encourage this experience because who knows….one day maybe a foods teacher!

Linnette Guderyan on May 24, 2021 at 1:03 am said:

This is fantastic! Maybe you will be a Foods teacher!

You're never too old to learn a lesson | by Treadmill Treats | Medium

I feel like just being in this class has encouraged my classmates that you are never too old to learn. I hope that they have felt and saw the perseverance in me!

Roll On

Day 30 – June 8

Success today! So important to reevaluate my goals everyday. I find it helpful to focus on the long term reasons why I chose this goal. My health is important to me. Here is a video I watched to help me along the way.

Day 31 – June 9

So close! I did not reach the 10,000 steps that I wanted to today. Today I focused on accepting that I won’t make my goal everyday and I must accept the days that I can’t and try again tomorrow.

Day 32 – June 10

Burning the midnight oil and still didn’t make it. I am trying and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all my responsibilities. But, I must keep moving forward to reach my goal. I focused today on a video that teaches positivity through affirmation.

Day 33 – June 11

Today is a rain day. I found a video that can help obtain my steps because I am needing a change from walking on the treadmill. I enjoyed the video because it helped me reach my step goals in a shorter amount of time.

Day 34 – June 12

Day Off!

Day Off GIFs | Tenor

Day 35 – June 13

Today is the first day that I have been disappointed in my step counting app – Pedometer. (you know it must have been bad because I don’t post negative things) My family and I spent the day at Pasqua Lake walking trails. The app did not count my steps because of the bad cell service. So, I most definitely made the 10,000 steps, I just don’t have record of it!

Day 36 – June 14

Today I most likely won’t get my steps in. I have prioritized getting all my assignments done for my #EDTC300 class tomorrow!

I Can Code!

What fun….in the end! I started out trying to code a basketball game and well….that did not go well. I found it difficult and hard to understand the directions. At this point I tried coding dance moves and loved every second of it. I loved the video before each module explaining what and how I would be coding. So easy to use….must be if I can do it! I loved it so much that I forgot to take screen shots of my progress along the way. Ugh I’ll eventually get the hang of this!

I will definitely be using this in my future classroom! Love hour of code! Join in the fun!

Digital Literacy

In “Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers” by Michael A Caulfield I learnt that I and my future students need to implement Michael’s four moves in proving if my facts are accurate. Teaching these moves would help educate all my students to check their sources for all class material. I truly believe that learning this new skill would help create logically thinking students.

  • Check for previous work: Look around to see if someone else has already fact-checked the claim or provided a synthesis of research.
  • Go upstream to the source: Go “upstream” to the source of the claim. Most web content is not original. Get to the original source to understand the trustworthiness of the information.
  • Read laterally: Read laterally.[1] Once you get to the source of a claim, read what other people say about the source (publication, author, etc.). The truth is in the network.
  • Circle back: If you get lost, hit dead ends, or find yourself going down an increasingly confusing rabbit hole, back up and start over knowing what you know now. You’re likely to take a more informed path with different search terms and better decisions.

I absolutely loved Rachel Robertson’s lesson plans for helping my future students to understand the ideas and concepts around “fake news”. The objective of the lesson plans are to help students to analyze the problems and potential consequences associated with the spread of fake news. The lesson plans also helps students to identify and evaluate ways to avoid fake news in social and academic settings. Another great way to empower students to be logical thinkers.

And because I love logics, I found the resource by Peter Pappas “Fighting Fake News with Critical Thinking” intriguing. Side note…if you get a chance to take Logics – Phil 150 by Ryan Doran at the U of R , I highly recommend his class. I strongly feel that the best way to fight fake news is through educating our youth to think logically. This can begin to happen at any grade level and is important training for our future leaders.

We can achieve the goals set out by NCTE through the use of their lesson plans. It is so important to stay up-to-date as the educational landscape changes so quickly.

NCTE and its members will apply the power of language and literacy to actively pursue justice and equity for all students and the educators who serve them. As the nation’s oldest organization of pre-K through graduate school literacy educators, NCTE has a rich history of deriving expertise and advocacy from its members’ professional research, practice, and knowledge. Today, we must more precisely align this expertise to advance access, power, agency, affiliation, and impact for all learners.

Lifetime of Learning

Day 25 – June 3

Today my focus was learning to walk correctly. I watched many videos but found this one was the most helpful to me. Dr. Lin (highest rated physical therapist in California) reassured me that my goal of 10,000 steps a day was realistic and healthy for me. The basic tips for body structure and alignment were thought provoking. It was fun to implement the new techniques that I learnt! I am happy to have met my goal today.

Day 26 – June 4

I love walking on Fridays because I know that I will have tomorrow off! I struggle a little with sore feet so today I focused on learning more about the proper running shoes. I watched a video that I felt was helpful. I learnt that I am flat footed and am in need of new runners. Also, Rogan’s best fit guide was helpful to me in helping me be more aware of the needs and wants that I am needing in a running shoe. Happy to have met my goal again today.

Day 27 – June 5

Day OFF !!!!!

Image result for day off gif

Day 28 – June 6

So….today was not a successful day. I had a wedding to attend and did not get my steps in. I feel disappointed but hoping to do better tomorrow.

Day 29 – June 7

AGAIN! Today I did not get my steps in. I feel like I am on a slippery slope. My husband is out of town for the week so I am a single parent. My schedule has changed and I am finding it difficult to get all my goals accomplished. So, today I focused my learning on achieving my goals without any excuses preventing me from doing so. I found a helpful video that reminded me of three scientific backed strategies.

Strategy #1

Write your goal down daily

Strategy #2

Schedule a time and a place that you are going to accomplish your goal

Strategy #3

Send updates to a friend

Hopefully tomorrow is better!

Day 30 – June 8

Today my focus was on not letting set backs get me down. I found a motivational video that helped me focus on allowing my experiences to be my education. And, that it is ok to make mistakes, I should just stop making the same mistakes. So here is to a better week as a single parent….no excuses!

Cyberstalking…I mean sleuthing

I felt very strange cyber-sleuthing someone from my EDTC300 class. It was very strange for me to gather personal information about her. I wished I could have heard about her life from her instead of from the internet. Maybe this assignment will be a way for me to meet a new friend. I didn’t get her permission to post any personal details about her life (I guess I’m a little old fashioned that way) so I won’t. I can’t wait to connect with her to discuss how her life has brought her to this moment in time. But, what I can share is that she has persevered and I would describe her as an overcomer! Any guesses of who it could be?

Mystery Person – The Rampage

I was very surprised to learn about the multiple online identities as written in the article “Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think”. I guess I’m not a part of this group so it surprised me. As a future educator I feel called to be a teacher 24/7. Therefore, I want to be as transparent as possible. I personally don’t see myself having multiple online accounts for different people in my life. First of all, who has the time? I was surprised by N. Lee @Nicole that she was embarrassed of her posts. To me, if you wouldn’t show your parents the post then maybe you should reconsider posting.

Dear facebook friend, The selfies that you take in the bathroom mirror are  really creepy. Please reconsider posting. Thank you. | News Ecard

Well-rounded citizens

This week in EDTC300 we focused on Ribble’s Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship. The most up to date definition for digital citizenship is that “Digital citizenship is the continuously developing norms of appropriate, responsible, and empowered technology use.” Since I plan to use technology in my future classroom everyday, I feel that it is very important to educate my students on the accepted norms. I would touch on these nine elements:

  1. Digital Access
  2. Digital Commerce
  3. Digital Communication and Collaboration
  4. Digital Etiquette
  5. Digital Fluency
  6. Digital Health and Welfare
  7. Digital Law
  8. Digital Rights and Responsibilities
  9. Digital Security and Privacy

The Saskatchewan curriculum provides many opportunities to incorporate digital citizenship into its teachings. For example, The Student Well Being Supports has an opportunity to teach students to be kind online. This is a great opportunity to help students be kind to each other online. It also provides students the chance to receive a $1000.00 to bring their “kind” ideas to life.

I plan to use digital citizenship in my future classroom to reach the outcomes for treaty education. I have a great desire to educate young people so that they can respectfully understand the news they read online and be truthfully informed about Canada’s history. We should not shy away from difficult conversations. We all need to educated so that our eyes can be open. Truth and Reconciliation needs to be a part of our shared future.

While I lead and teach my students I want to build positive digital experiences while educating my students that their choices have long-lasting consequences. I would hope that through education my students would begin making the right decisions for themselves.

Digital Learners and Digital Wisdom in a Digital World | Logan Petlak


Staying motivated for my students


Day 22 – May 31

Continuing to prioritize my health. Up again at 5:00 and got all my steps in early.

Day 23 – June 1

The first time to ever break 12,000 steps and it feels great.

Day 24 – June 2

I thought that this morning it seemed a little easier getting up at 5:00. Proud to be still reaching my daily goals.

This week I reached the 21 day milestone and will be rewarding myself with a pedicure. I’m looking forward to some selfcare. I’m realizing that I can never be too busy to take care of myself first.