Roll On

Day 30 – June 8

Success today! So important to reevaluate my goals everyday. I find it helpful to focus on the long term reasons why I chose this goal. My health is important to me. Here is a video I watched to help me along the way.

Day 31 – June 9

So close! I did not reach the 10,000 steps that I wanted to today. Today I focused on accepting that I won’t make my goal everyday and I must accept the days that I can’t and try again tomorrow.

Day 32 – June 10

Burning the midnight oil and still didn’t make it. I am trying and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all my responsibilities. But, I must keep moving forward to reach my goal. I focused today on a video that teaches positivity through affirmation.

Day 33 – June 11

Today is a rain day. I found a video that can help obtain my steps because I am needing a change from walking on the treadmill. I enjoyed the video because it helped me reach my step goals in a shorter amount of time.

Day 34 – June 12

Day Off!

Day Off GIFs | Tenor

Day 35 – June 13

Today is the first day that I have been disappointed in my step counting app – Pedometer. (you know it must have been bad because I don’t post negative things) My family and I spent the day at Pasqua Lake walking trails. The app did not count my steps because of the bad cell service. So, I most definitely made the 10,000 steps, I just don’t have record of it!

Day 36 – June 14

Today I most likely won’t get my steps in. I have prioritized getting all my assignments done for my #EDTC300 class tomorrow!

1 thought on “Roll On

  1. Hello Mrs. Guderyan, I like your how focused and motivated you are to keep going especially in your learning project. Your completely right that our health is important and also liked all the videos you incorporated in your post especially the one about how walking is beneficial to your health and keeping positive. One of my favorite things I like to do is go for walks with my friends/family and reading your post I found that I learned something new and valuable as to walking. Now that the weather is getting nicer and hot I try to get out as much as possible with my daughter. Keep up the awesome job in your walking and Way to go! As well thank you for sharing!

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