What was i Thinking!

Day 1 – Monday May 10

At 6:00 pm I only had 1275 steps throughout my day!!! Only 8725 more to go. Off I went for a walk with my son, feeling totally empowered to begin my learning project.

After a couple hours of walking I reached my goal of 10,000 steps. The whole time I was walking I was wondering if it was too late to change my project!!

Day 2 – Tuesday May 11

I woke this morning with pain behind my left knee. Seriously doubting my ability to finish this project. I am also so disappointed in myself that I have allowed my exercise ability to decline so rapidly. I walked through the discomfort to reach my step goal!

Day 3 – Wednesday May 12

Still sore and exhausted from Monday! Today was an extremely busy day for me. I allowed my time to get away from me. I found myself not wanting to complete my goal for the day but forced myself to get on my treadmill around 11:00 pm. Apparently, the app I use resets at midnight so today I only walked 9579 steps.

Day 4 – Thursday May 13

Another late night on the treadmill trying to complete my step count. I am not liking how this is feeling. I need to make changes to my schedule so that I can complete my goal before the late evening. I still managed to get my steps in 10254!!

Day 5 – Friday May 14

Had a very busy yet productive day! Managed to complete my steps, 11205, by a reasonable time. I am so looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Feeling like I might complete this project!

Day 6 – Saturday May 15

Day off! Rest day!!