Lifetime of Learning

Day 25 – June 3

Today my focus was learning to walk correctly. I watched many videos but found this one was the most helpful to me. Dr. Lin (highest rated physical therapist in California) reassured me that my goal of 10,000 steps a day was realistic and healthy for me. The basic tips for body structure and alignment were thought provoking. It was fun to implement the new techniques that I learnt! I am happy to have met my goal today.

Day 26 – June 4

I love walking on Fridays because I know that I will have tomorrow off! I struggle a little with sore feet so today I focused on learning more about the proper running shoes. I watched a video that I felt was helpful. I learnt that I am flat footed and am in need of new runners. Also, Rogan’s best fit guide was helpful to me in helping me be more aware of the needs and wants that I am needing in a running shoe. Happy to have met my goal again today.

Day 27 – June 5

Day OFF !!!!!

Image result for day off gif

Day 28 – June 6

So….today was not a successful day. I had a wedding to attend and did not get my steps in. I feel disappointed but hoping to do better tomorrow.

Day 29 – June 7

AGAIN! Today I did not get my steps in. I feel like I am on a slippery slope. My husband is out of town for the week so I am a single parent. My schedule has changed and I am finding it difficult to get all my goals accomplished. So, today I focused my learning on achieving my goals without any excuses preventing me from doing so. I found a helpful video that reminded me of three scientific backed strategies.

Strategy #1

Write your goal down daily

Strategy #2

Schedule a time and a place that you are going to accomplish your goal

Strategy #3

Send updates to a friend

Hopefully tomorrow is better!

Day 30 – June 8

Today my focus was on not letting set backs get me down. I found a motivational video that helped me focus on allowing my experiences to be my education. And, that it is ok to make mistakes, I should just stop making the same mistakes. So here is to a better week as a single parent….no excuses!

1 thought on “Lifetime of Learning

  1. Hi there,
    I think it is wonderful the efforts and strides that you are making. Keep trying and practicing. You can do it! I agree, when you are solo-parenting, everything is so much more challenging.
    Wishing you all of the best.

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