Cyberstalking…I mean sleuthing

I felt very strange cyber-sleuthing someone from my EDTC300 class. It was very strange for me to gather personal information about her. I wished I could have heard about her life from her instead of from the internet. Maybe this assignment will be a way for me to meet a new friend. I didn’t get her permission to post any personal details about her life (I guess I’m a little old fashioned that way) so I won’t. I can’t wait to connect with her to discuss how her life has brought her to this moment in time. But, what I can share is that she has persevered and I would describe her as an overcomer! Any guesses of who it could be?

Mystery Person – The Rampage

I was very surprised to learn about the multiple online identities as written in the article “Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think”. I guess I’m not a part of this group so it surprised me. As a future educator I feel called to be a teacher 24/7. Therefore, I want to be as transparent as possible. I personally don’t see myself having multiple online accounts for different people in my life. First of all, who has the time? I was surprised by N. Lee @Nicole that she was embarrassed of her posts. To me, if you wouldn’t show your parents the post then maybe you should reconsider posting.

Dear facebook friend, The selfies that you take in the bathroom mirror are  really creepy. Please reconsider posting. Thank you. | News Ecard

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