Gaining momentum

Day 7 – May 16

Last week I struggled to get my steps in and I found myself scrambling in the evenings. This created a lot of stress for me. So, this week I am committed to getting up at 5:00 am to walk an hour before work. I also started out the week with tips to keep me motivated!

Day 8 – May 17

Not enjoying the 5:00 am mornings! BUT, I am feeling like I am gaining momentum. I am seeing improvements in my mental health, I have more energy during the day, and I am sleeping better at nights.

Day 9 – May 18

Getting out of bed at 5:00 am is getting a little easier! My legs are hurting less and I am looking forward to the benefits of walking everyday!

Day 10 – May 19

I am enjoying using my Pedometer App. It is free and counts my steps accurately. I am still finding success in getting up at 5 am. Feeling more productive in my days!

Day 11 – May 20

Spent time today learning about the power of transformative walking. I have been walking in my basement on my treadmill and now I am feeling empowered to walk outside!

Day 12 – May 21

Today was my day off! SO, I did not get up at 5:00 this morning. This was a mistake for me because I found myself madly trying to get my steps in! I did finally at 11:30 pm. Looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

Day 13 – May 22

Day OFF!

2 thoughts on “Gaining momentum

  1. Hello!
    As a fellow walker/ runner I think this is a great learning project. Unlike you I am not a morning walker I prefer early evening as my favourite time. However I have heard many time how great expertise can be first thing in the morning. It’s great that you are starting to see progress. Thanks for tracking your learning so closely it makes it super easy to follow. Keep on walking!

  2. Hey Linnette!

    All I have to say is WOW! Way to push yourself even through the tough mornings! I’ve also come to realize with not being able to work the last few months that getting up when my husband gets up or even being away but laying in bed for another few minutes make the days that much enjoyable and I feel more awake! I know you said 5 am was hard, are you a morning person to begin with? I for one am not, when was younger I could sleep the day away which when I think about it now I feel crazy for doing that! Im glad you are gaining momentum! Keep up the good work, you should be proud!

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